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Gary Chartier on Reason TV

Gary Chartier on Reason TVOur very own Gary Chartier recently did an interview with Reason TV about his new book, Markets Not Capitalism. You can watch it here.

And after you’re done, go ahead and get a copy of that book. It is an absolutely terrific collection of essays, containing a number of good pieces from our own Roderick Long and our erstwhile guest-blogger Charles Johnson. Plus other newish stuff from Kevin Carson and Sheldon Richman, and some classics from Benjamin Tucker, Karl Hess, Voltairine de Cleyre, and Murray Rothbard.

Whether you’re down with the “left-wing market anarchist” project or not, it’s a worthwhile and stimulating read!

  • I share Professor Chartier’s disdain for the word “capitalism” and suggest we consider adjectives such as “Treasury Direct” or “Georgist” to refer to a new brand of capitalism which: (1) does not use monetary capital (which Henry George referred to as “hybrid currencies”) created in partnership with private parties; (2) uses only capital representing the full faith and credit (or seignorage) of the federal government, and thereby; (3) uses only capital that is a reliable storehouse of human labor.

    “Treasury Direct Capitalism” or “Georgist Capitalism” would create the freest markets humanly possible (assuming this new form would be allowed to compete with the existing form, i.e., crony or faux capitalism).