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Graduate Studies in Liberty

Academia is, by my reckoning, a far more liberty-friendly place than it was twenty years ago. But most people probably still have a hard time finding a graduate program with even a single sympathetic classical liberal faculty member.

Thankfully, there’s the Institute for Humane Studies. Because of their seminar programs, even the most isolated student can spend at least a week in the summer in the company of students and faculty with similar interests and ideas.

And for graduate students, one seminar among IHS’s vast lineup stands out as the place to be:

Scholarship and a Free Society, June 23-29, at Towson University.

The faculty includes a number of friends of this blog: John Tomasi, Pete Boettke, David Schmidtz, and Bryan Caplan.  Not to mention our very own Jacob Levy! And this year’s seminar is double-sized, with lots of time set aside for students to present their own work and receive feedback from faculty.

But the deadline is approaching fast. March 31st is less than two weeks away! So apply now!

  • Matt, 
       Not to be rude or critical but I think its something of a stretch to call education “more liberty friendly” than it was 20 years ago. Education at all levels has been intensely bureaucratized and the federal government has a much larger role. Educational institutions have seen an explosion in administrative employment, a loss of instructor autonomy and are increasingly directing teaching towards standardized tests handed down from above. Its hard to imagine this is “libertarian” mode of organization. 
        I could be wrong and I’m not trying to be mean but those are the general trends I see in education. I don’t see any resolution to this anytime soon…..

    • You might be right about the trends you identify. My own comment was based on the observation of a different trend, not incompatible with the ones you mention, namely, the increased number and prominence of liberty-friendly academics in universities in the United States. I don’t have hard numbers, but my sense is that the change in this respect has been pretty significant, and due in no small part to the work of IHS itself.

      • Matt, 
           Thanks for the reply. Again, I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything. I just can’t figure out why more libertarians doesn’t translate into more libertarianism. There seems to be a disconnect between the diffusion of libertarian ideology and an actual move towards libertarian organizational structures.

  • Frank Hecker

    Towson is not far away from me. Do you know if any events for the general public are planned as part of this? (I didn’t see any information on this on the web site.)

  • Not to knock the increased opportunities for students, but where do interested faculty go to participate in a similar seminar?  I don’t feel qualified to serve on the faculty of the seminar, but I’d love to go to learn so I could better present the ideas to my own students.

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