To serve and protect? Gruesome video of police murdering an innocent person.

Institute for Justice: Should You Need Permission to Work?

Steve Horwitz on the personhood of corporations. Wilkinson pithy critique here.

And, for fun, here’s V explaining why bad government is your fault. I agree.


  • dL

    I never voted for the High Chancellor, I was never afraid, I never panicked. Your essay, “Bad Government is our Fault,” more or less is a derivative argument from Bryan Caplan’s “Rational Irrationality.” I don’t think his argument is particularly compelling. Instead I would contend that the classical radical libertarian position–monopoly law as an instrument of plunder–is the correct one. And I think it can be positively demonstrated via the public choice methodology. Hint: the analysis begins with “the Tullock paradox of rent-seeking.”

    Long, windy essay here:

  • j_m_h

    Jason, you offer these as an “assortment”, which might be taken to mean there’s no common theme or a larger point you’re attempting to make with the collection. Is that the case?

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