• Larry

    Nicely done! Your report captured the fun and confidence about the future at ISFLC13.

  • Sean II

    As a prisoner of the past, I’m just stunned to see so many women at such an event.

    If even one of those girls had shown up to a libertarian get-together when I was an undergrad, we would have immediately assumed she was some kind of federal agent sent to infiltrate the group. And even then, we would have been flattered beyond our furthest hopes.

  • Mabuse

    Wow, looks like it was a great conference. Will there be video of the actual panels posted online?

  • Sean II: I don’t think that Susan Love Brown, Marty Zupan, Lynn Kinsky, Victoria Varga, Ellen Frankl Paul, and Joan Kennedy Taylor, and me [not an exhaustive list] who were libertarian activists and/or writers since before you were born would have taken kindly to being thought of as potential spies nor would we have liked to have been called “girls.” You just weren’t in the right places. However I do agree that there are more women now than in the past.

    • Sean II

      Sharon! You ol’ bundle of laughs, you. Always a pleasure.

      I hope you’ll give serious consideration to my proposal that we – that is, you and I – tour the country together as a libertarian lecture act. I’ll represent the fun-loving, humorous, outreachy side of the philosophy, and you can provide a counter-point to that.

      Why give away here what we can sell out there? Whaddya say?