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Workshop on Alex Gourevitch, _Something of Slavery Still Remains_

On May 14, we will hold a workshop at McGill on Alex Gourevitch’s manuscript Something of Slavery Still Remains: Labor and the Cooperative Commonwealth. Gourevitch is Assistant Professor of Political Science at McMaster University, soon to be Assistant Professor of Political Science at Brown University, and one of the authors of last year’s Crooked Timber critique of bleeding-heart libertarianism. The manuscript is on issues related to last year’s blog exchange: the relationships among classical liberal and republican conceptions of freedom on one hand and workplace and labor relations on the other, with special attention to nineteenth-century debates about wage labor and “free labor.” (There are interesting points of contact with the views Gary Chartier has developed on the blog and elsewhere.) The workshop is an annual event of the Groupe de Recherche Interuniversitaire en Philosophie Politique; the manuscript is chosen by an annual competition.

The workshop is open by registration at the link; attendees are expected to read the manuscript in advance.

  • Michael Wernecke

    Can you only see the manuscript if you’re going to attend the workshop at McGill? It seems to be password protected at that link.

    • Yes, that’s correct. The password is sent to people who register to attend.