Paid Sponsorships Update

A big thanks to everyone who has participated so far and helped us to commodify our forthcoming book on commodification. After a few days, we’ve raised over $300 in paid acknowledgments.

To my surprise, the ratio of Silvermint ($25) to Gold Tier ($1) Sponsors is about 2:3. Platinum Tier ($10) sponsorships are the least common.

Silvermint Tier Sponsors, recall, get a short message printed in the book. So far, three sponsors are using their space for advertising their own blogs or books.

If there are any car dealerships out there who want to advertise, please email us at marketswithoutlimits@gmail.com. Ask our readers if they’d like to “Go Further” in a Ford, or if they’ve experienced the Ultimate Driving Machine. Or perhaps Naomi Klein might like to use the space to say something like, “I’m using my line ironically. Brennan and Jaworski are sick.” Alternatively, one might want to print, “Rothbard and Hermann-Hoppe are better and smarter than Jason Brennan”. One Facebook friend asked if he could print something like, “Brennan and Jaworski don’t mean any of this,” and the answer is yes! We won’t take money to lie, but we’re willing to let you say almost anything you want, as long as it’s not libelous, racist, or excessively distasteful.

We have a Markets without Limits Facebook page. Right now, we’re populating the page with stories about “noxious” markets. A year or so from now, when the book is out, we’ll start including excerpts and pieces that didn’t make the final cut.

One Facebook friend asked, “How much would I have to pay to get a ‘free’ acknowledgment?” Good question. Consider: In my forthcoming book   showing that a society of perfectly moral people, as measured by Cohenesque left-wing standards, would be anarcho-capitalist, I acknowledge a few different universities. But each of these universities paid me to give talks there. So, the cheapest way to pay to get a free acknowledgment is to invite Peter or me to give a talk somewhere, pay for the hotel, flight, and meals, and offer a $1000-1500 honorarium. (We might go as low as $500 if we’re not busy and you’re a friend.) Take a look at Debra Satz’s acknowledgments page for her book on commodification. I’m guessing she took at least $10 grand for the “free” acknowledgments, and that’s not even counting the fellowships she received to sponsor her work. (By the way, it is entirely consistent with Satz’s thesis and arguments for her to take money to give talks, write, etc. On the other hand, Sandel might well be hypocritical for commodifying his work so much.)





  • L.W. Dicker

    “Brethren, I know that you have been eagerly awaiting my second coming. For two thousand years.

    Two thousand. Fucking. Years.

    So I feel the need to inform you that I have just witnessed George Clooney frolicking on the beach in a Speedo.

    So my second coming is now well behind me.

    As a matter if fact, numbers three through seventeen are pretty much a done deal.

    So perhaps you should start praying for ‘cumming’ number eighteen.

    I promise to update you as my erections and testicle secretions dictate.

    Holy shit!!! Is that George Michael in a thong!!!!!!!!!!”

    Jesus Christ, as told to Kirk Cameron