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Some links and podcasts of interest

Some links:

John Hasnas, “Is There a Moral Duty to Obey the Law?” Social Philosophy and Policy Vol. 30, Winter 2013.

Hasnas says that “For most of my intellectual life, I have held a strong belief that there is no moral duty to obey the law. Recent reflection has led me to question my conviction on this matter.” Hasnas argues that there is a moral obligation to obey the law in customary/common law systems. Hasnas’ argument for an obligation to obey the law does not justify political obligation—an obligation to conform one’s behavior to the dictate of one’s government. Indeed, an implication of his argument is that a moral obligation to obey the law is compatible with anarchy.

Chad Van Schoelandt “Markets, Community, and Pluralism,” The Philosophical Quarterly Vol. 65, January 2014.

Van Schoelandt critically assesses G.A. Cohen’s objections to markets in Why Not Socialism? He argues that Cohen’s objections presupposes a stilted view of community that is at odds with pluralism and that his understanding of the motives of market participants is too simple. Markets generate socially cooperative norms and trust. Van Schoelandt arguments here are complementary with Jason Brennan’s arguments in Why Not Capitalism?

Baylen Linnekin “Raise a Glass: The Bill of Rights Was About Food Freedom,”

An interesting argument that the source of a number of the Bill of Rights were about the colonists struggle with Great Britain over “food freedom.”


This summer Russ Roberts at Econtalk had a number of discussions on the sharing economy:

Michael Munger On the Sharing Economy

Nathan Blecharczyk on Airbnb and the Sharing Economy

And although the Podcast listed below has nothing to do with political philosophy per se, I recommend it because it is so moving and profound.

D.G. Myers on Cancer, Dying and Living. Myers is a literary critic who was dying of cancer and he and Russ talked about the importance of opportunity cost the most precious resource of all, our time. Myers died on September 26, 2014.

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Author: Daniel Shapiro
  • agauntpanda

    Oof it’s too bad the Hasnas article is behind a paywall. I always like reading his work.

  • Dshapiro

    I don’t think it’s behind a paywall. You can read all of Social Philosophy and Policy on line as far as I know.

    • agauntpanda

      The link in the post goes to a paywalled version; $6 to “rent” the article for a day. If there is a free source I’d love to see it; this issue also has an article by Michael Huemer.

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