Book reviews and offer

I’m grateful for this thoughtful and generous review of Rationalism, Pluralism, and Freedom by political theorist Melissa Schwartzberg (NYU) in the virtual pages of The New Rambler, the valuable new reviews site created by Adrian Vermeule, Blakely Vermeule, and Eric Posner; and also for this engaging commentary by Todd Seavey, which admittedly puts me into some odd company– combining things in unexpected ways is one of Todd’s talents.

Apropos of the book, I’ll note that this offer to students who buy a copy of the it remains open. I still have at least one extra copy left of each of the named bonus books.

  • Joseph R. Stromberg

    I would have thought that Posner and Vermeule’s advocacy of perpetual war and executive dictatorship would put people off… but apparently not.

  • John-Erik

    Does the book offer stand for students outside of North America?

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