Symposium on Rationalism Pluralism and Freedom

Symposium table of contents

The symposium “category” only lists a few posts at a time in reverse order, so here’s a table of contents so far, in order.

Matt Zwolinski, Introduction
Will Baude, “Rationalism, Pluralism, and Federalism”
Russell Arben Fox, “Assessing the freedom of, and the freedom from, cities
Annelien de Dijn, “Jacob Levy as an historian of political thought”
David Watkins, “Rationalism, pluralism, freedom, and democracy”
Matt Zwolinski, “A pluralist defense of free markets?
Rick Garnett, “Many or One? Rationalism, Pluralism, and Religious Freedom”
Jacob Levy, Reply 1: Cities and states
Jacob Levy, “Reply 1.5: On intermediacy and pluralism”
Kevin Vallier, “Pluralist contractarianism”
Jacob Levy, “Reply 2A: Pluralism and firms”
Paul Horwitz, “Levy for lawyers”
Jacob Levy, “Reply 2B: Pluralism and markets”

Co-blogger Roderick Long wrote about the book separately, in a review for Reason. I keep a running index of other reviews here.