Very cool. Never heard of the journal before. And, the editorial board looks good.

    Though, James Otteson is not at Yeshiva anymore!

    • Irfan Khawaja

      Thanks. Actually, RP’s been around since 1974, when it was founded by Tibor Machan. It was edited in the 2000s by Aeon Skoble, and has been edited by Carrie-Ann Biondi since 2011. The journal’s archives are open access (i.e., free).


      Thanks also for spotting the error re James Otteson’s affiliation. We changed it in the masthead listed in the journal, but haven’t yet updated the masthead listed on the website. (For instance, I’m no longer the Book Review Editor, and there are other things listed there that are out of date.)

      Finally, thanks to James Stacey Taylor for the shout-out. Much appreciated.