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Innovation Hub on the Basic Income Guarantee

WGBH’s Innovation Hub has a nice, in-depth discussion of the Basic Income Guarantee available here. They spoke with me about the libertarian rationale for a BIG and its political prospects. And they also spoke at length with Evelyn Forget, the University of Manitoba economist who did some really interesting work on Canada’s “Mincome” experiment with a basic income in the 1970s.

The whole segment lasts about 27 minutes. You can listen to it through the Soundcloud link below.

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Author: Matt Zwolinski
  • TracyW

    Well that discussion is better than at least 90% of UBI discussions because it at least briefly mentions the cost.
    But oh my god the handwaving! There’s a few details to be worked out?

    And let’s just ignore that the question really is: “who would quit a $50,000 a year job if they were being paid $20,000 a year in UBI and paying another $25,000 a year in taxes to fund it?

    I’d like to do an experiment where we contact every single proponent of a UBI and ask them to participate in an experiment where we test the impact of funding a UBI. See how many volunteers there are.