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Kevin Vallier at Niskanen, “Liberalism and Religious Liberty In the Trump Era”
Ryan Muldoon at Niskanen, “Diversity And Disagreement Are The Solution, Not the problem”
Matthew La Corte at Niskanen, “More Important Than Ever: Defending Immigrants and Refugees During the Trump Presidency”
Me at Niskanen, “The Party Declines”

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Author: Jacob T. Levy
  • Counsellor

    To Mr. Levy’s piece at Niskanen:

    Over at the Liberty Fund site there is:


    In the comments the following points were raised:

    The (past, recent, current and possible future) functions of political parties.

    The nature (centralized or regional, e.g.) of the organization of the respective major political parties.

    The impacts of the social reactions and rejections (usually termed “populism”) on the fracturing ( “Tea Party”) or fragmentation (interest coalitions) on the forms of party organization and their “establishments.”

    If we can accept that “establishments” are the oligarchies identified by Robert Michels; we might also look at the recent events as a “revolt” against the system of the oligarchies that have controlled and constrained choices available to the electorate. That might take us to examine whether Walter Burnham’s “Party System” analysis is still valid (or will be going forward). It certainly appears that the “Iron Law of Oligarchy” still holds in the organization of political parties.

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  • geoih

    From the ‘Diversity …’ article: “If you are a die-hard libertarian or egalitarian or utilitarian or whatever you might be, it’s likely that you are neglecting something important that your ideological opponent is tracking.”
    Or perhaps you have considered this “something” and found it to be fundamentally averse to your ideological tracking. Also, perhaps you find the use of politics to somehow create a compromise between these fundamentally different ideologies averse to your ideological tracking.
    In other words, I think the fundamental differences go even deeper than the author describes.

  • DST

    “Liberals and Libertarians Should Unite To Block Trump’s Extremism”

    Yeah, I too remember the Bush administration. I also remember the same rapprochement-lefties then screaming during the Obama administration when Barry wasn’t shoving big government down our throats fast enough. I think I’ll pass.

    Fool me once…