Immigration Debate and New Center at University of San Diego

Last Thursday, the University of San Diego hosted a debate on immigration and human rights, featuring economist and Econlog blogger Bryan Caplan and philosopher Christopher Wellman of Washington University in St. Louis. You can watch a full video of the debate below.

The debate was sponsored by USD’s Center for Ethics, Economics, and Public Policy, a new center (of which I am the founder and director) devoted to promoting research and education about the institutional and moral framework of a free society.

Prior to the event, I spoke about the center’s mission, and the debate, on KPBS’s Midday Edition. You can listen to that interview here.

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Author: Matt Zwolinski
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  • Dr T.

    Immigration is a natural right. Being entitled to welfare benefits is not. Being treated equally to everyone else is. In other words :
    1)open borders
    2)equality under the law

    You can have 2 of the above , but not all 3 .

    • Puppet’s Puppet

      Yo Dr. T! How are the women?