Left-Libertarian Economic Anthology Published

I’m pleased to announce (belatedly) a new anthology from the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS): Free Markets & Capitalism?: Do Free Markets Always Produce a Corporate Economy?, edited by Cory Massimino and James Tuttle.

One third of Free Markets & Capitalism? (not to be confused with C4SS’s earlier anthology Markets Not Capitalism) reproduces an online exchange from last year among Kevin Carson, Derek Wall, and Steve Horwitz on the question of whether corporate capitalism would indeed wither away in a genuinely freed market, as left-libertarians contend, or whether instead, as both capitalist and socialist critics of left-libertarianism maintain (whether cheerfully or gloomily), market incentives would tend to reproduce much of the structure of corporate capitalism even without state intervention to support the process.

The other two-thirds of the book are devoted to background readings (most by Kevin Carson – including his classic, The Iron Fist Behind the Invisible Hand – but also a couple by me, and one by the late Roy Childs) expounding the left-libertarian position on the issue.

Buy a copy today! Buy two copies tomorrow! Buy four copies the next day, and eight the day after that, and so on ….

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Author: Roderick Long
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  • diemboweled

    that is an ugly cover

  • J Peterson II

    Roderick, if C4SS wanted to publish a book of essays that are economically false, they could have saved money and published a book of essays on the labor theory of value.

    • J Peterson II

      “Hey guys, let’s do a mutual exchange where a bunch of us left libertarians address other left libertarians, and not I dunno, anarcho-capitalists and non left libertarians respond to us.”