Discussion of Bruce Gilley’s “The case for colonialism” over at Cato Unbound.

My essay “Foreign Rule and Colonial Fictions” is now up at Cato Unbound‘s new issue “Perspectives on Colonialism”. This was written as a response to the absolutely excellent lead paper by Sahar Khan, “Why Libertarians Shouldn’t Accept the Case for Colonialism”. I also highly recommend Berny Sebe’s response essay, “The Case Against Historical Anachronism”.

Enjoy the discussion!

  • Jeff R.

    Hechter holds that “a government is legitimate to the extent that its rules are considered rightful by both dominant and subordinate members of society” (Hechter 2013, 16).

    Yuck. What a mushy concept. Who are the dominant and subordinate members of society, anyway? Do we really think we have a good grasp on how they might have thought or felt about say, British rule in North America in the 1700’s? I would excise this point entirely from the debate and replace it with something like “how much violence was necessary for the government to enforce its laws and maintain its rule?” Or something.

  • Old OddJobs

    In which nationalists pose as libertarians in order to save libertarianism. Or is it the other way round? What is an “alien”? What is a “foreigner”? Who are the “colonizers”? What is the “polity”?

    As usual, libertarians stand up for voluntary, pre-political, non-political organization…. Then run a mile screaming when they realise this involves defending races, peoples, tribes, nations, cults etc Icky! Gross! Biological! Irrational!