Aikin and Talisse on Hooligans in Epistocracy; Somin on Dictators and Criticism of Democracy

Two links for ya:

  1. Scott Aikin and Robert Talisse discuss the problem of hooliganism inside epistocracy, and the problem of political stability.
  2. Ilya Somin follows up on my earlier post and asks, “Does criticism of democracy play into the hands of dictators?”


By the way, Scott Aikin’s recent book on the will to believe is fascinating, and Aikin and Talisse together have a fascinating book about the ethics and value of argument.  Here is Talisse on moral conflict in democracy; Bob is a pragmatist and has written a number of strong defenses of democracy which do not suffer from being starry-eyed or overly hopeful about what democracy can accomplish.

  • urstoff

    200 pages, $100. GG academic presses (or Bloomsbury, in this case).

    • Rob Gressis

      That’s the hard cover, though. Paperback is around $30.

      • urstoff

        Now that’s price discrimination!