Which is worse?

Consider each of the following scenarios: Scenario 1: Police officer is riding along when he spots a car with a black male driver.  As he follows a policy of racial profiling, the officer checks the database and finds out that the car is not insured.  He thus pulls the car over. When he … Continue reading

Improving Grand Juries

I originally intended to have at least 2 more posts on grand juries, but decided against.  They were both going to be "its unbelievable how easy it is to get an indictment" pieces--so unlikely to be very fresh.  Given that, I thought I would jump right to some suggestions for improving grand … Continue reading

Grand Jury nullification

Here are two fictionalized cases where the arrested individuals were fortunately not indicted. Case 1. A young male stormed out of a court room after the judge indicated he should leave. In storming out, he banged the door against the wall and the door knob put a hole in the wall. He was arrested … Continue reading