The New Segregationists

  Vice ran a story about Jeremy McLellan, "a Southern Christian comic making a living playing Muslim festivals." Note that McLellan hasn't changed his material to suit Muslim audiences. He didn't borrow or "appropriate" Muslim comedic material. It just turns out that certain Muslim … Continue reading


Think nothing can be done? Vote for Gary Johnson. Let's work on getting moralistic and paternalistic laws off the books so that there is less policing in the first place. No, this isn't easy, but changing federal law (POTUS doesn't do this directly, but can have an affect) and having a SCOTUS that … Continue reading

Innovation Hub on the Basic Income Guarantee

WGBH's Innovation Hub has a nice, in-depth discussion of the Basic Income Guarantee available here. They spoke with me about the libertarian rationale for a BIG and its political prospects. And they also spoke at length with Evelyn Forget, the University of Manitoba economist who did some really … Continue reading

Some Questions for Living Wage Advocates

In a previous post, I expressed skepticism at the thought that employers necessarily owe employees a living wage. I asked, what if an employee is just not very productive, and so his hourly marginal product is below the hourly living wage rate, whatever that is. In that case, for the employer to … Continue reading