Class Act

Karl Marx once wrote: I do not claim to have discovered either the existence of classes in modern society or the struggle between them. Long before me, bourgeois historians had described the historical development of this struggle between the classes, as had bourgeois economists their economic … Continue reading

Religious Exemptions Volume

For people interested in the normative dimensions of religious exemptions, Michael Weber and I have just published a new anthology of articles with Oxford University Press. We're very happy with the volume, and we have a number of top-notch philosophers and legal theorists writing on these … Continue reading

Two New Publications

My chapter on “Anarchism and Libertarianism” is forthcoming in Nathan Jun, ed., Brill’s Companion to Anarchism and Philosophy (Leiden: Brill, 2017), at the usual insane Brill price. In the chapter I explore the relationship between libertarianism (in the free-market sense) and … Continue reading

Scaling Down

Of interest to those involved in either the debate over free-market anarchism or the debate over the relation between government intervention and economies/diseconomies of scale (or both): In a recent article titled “Do Economies of Scale Exist in Private Protection? Evaluating … Continue reading

A Seasonal Nod to Identity Politics

Something different from what I have been working on (more on that soon enough).... Maybe December is the month for identity politics talk.  Last year, it was it was Jacob (see here).  This year,  Akiva Malamet (see here).  I don't think there is anything necessary or inherently laudable … Continue reading