Libertarian Theory for the Real World

Last month, I presented a paper at a Georgetown University conference on "The Ethical Limits of Markets." The title of my paper was "A Libertarian Case for the Moral Limits of Markets," but really the paper is a call for libertarians to think about markets less in terms of what we philosophers call … Continue reading

Libertarianism and Private Power

Corey Robin and Chris Bertram have both recently claimed that libertarianism is insufficiently responsive to concerns about private power - especially the power employers wield over their employees. If libertarians care about individual liberty and freedom from coercion, then why focus exclusively … Continue reading

Thoughts on unions

Colleagues, A while ago (around our disagreements about May Day) I had an exchange with Fernando about labor unions. I've been thinking about this again recently, partly as a result of my ongoing work on intermediate groups, partly due to some union issues in Canada, and partly in light of … Continue reading

Chartier on the Right to Work

There's been a bit of discussion in one of our recent comment threads about so-called "right-to-work" laws (RTW). This is a topic we've discussed before here. And it's one about which I still haven't entirely made up my mind. It's sometimes difficult to know what specific policies libertarian … Continue reading