Jason Kuznicki on mores

Here, using Montesquieu (and me, but me channeling Montesquieu) as a point of departure for his own very lively thoughts about classical liberalism and modern libertarianism: We can of course elaborate on the distinction between coercion and voluntarism, and its implications in a complex … Continue reading

Eudaimonism and Non-Aggression

There are two ways one can go wrong with regard to the non-aggression principle (NAP). One way to go wrong is to treat the NAP as a rigid, out-of-context principle that can be applied fairly mechanically with little attention to other values or to the details of the situation. The other way … Continue reading

Freedom and Feminism

For those just tuning in, the latest libertarian internet dust up surrounds Julie Borowski’s video about why there are not more libertarian women. In it, she argues that women are not libertarians in part because libertarianism is kinda dorky and women care more than men about acceptance. When I … Continue reading