Given: a) That politics is a violent business in a fallen world; b) That it is conducted by a mixture of good and bad actors with good and bad motives and various mixtures of opportunism, bad faith, and genuine pursuit of the various and contradictory goals they think best; c) That there are … Continue reading

Israel: Tough Enough

Fernando Tesón urges the Israeli government to “hang tough.” The prospect of a libertarian (and a self-proclaimed “bleeding heart,” no less!) cheering on governmental rights abuses is a puzzling and frankly gruesome one. It is true, no doubt, that people living in … Continue reading

We Should Not Intervene in Syria

As some of you may know, I have long argued that humanitarian intervention is morally and legally permissible (see here).  I stand by those arguments, and that is why I firmly believe that we should not intervene in Syria. I have several reasons, but two are prominent. 1) A justified … Continue reading