Is Living on the Dole Bad For You?

As a proponent of a UBI, I often encounter some version of the surfer objection: what if some people who could work instead spend their entire income allowance on surfing or drinking or some other unproductive activity? There are two main reasons behind this objection. Some people think it’s a … Continue reading

Abolish the (NBA) Draft!

(Disclaimer: this post has nothing to with politics, but as you’ll see, it does connect to issues of fairness and freedom. I’m just hoping that some BHL readers are sports fans.) In their excellent Stumbling on Wins, economists David Berri and Martin Schmidt offer the following … Continue reading

Circumstances and the Ethics of Markets

I am so happy to see that Japa Pallikkathayil is blogging over at Political Philosop-her. I’ve always liked Japa’s work and I think her Philosopher’s Imprint essay about coercion is an especially wonderful discussion of a difficult topic. In her post, Japa addresses a topic that will be of … Continue reading

Hours Worked and Productivity

The Economist ran an article recently called "Get a Life".  It argues that there tends to be higher worker productivity in countries where people work fewer hours. Excerpt: And it seems that more productive—and, consequently, better-paid—workers put in less time in at the office. The graph … Continue reading