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Guest Blogging – Charles Johnson

I’m happy to say that for the next week or so, we’re fortunate enough to have Charles Johnson guest blogging for us.  Many of you know Charles from his blog, Rad Geek People’s Daily.  But if you don’t, now’s your chance to start reading it!

Charles Johnson is an individualist Anarchist writer living in Auburn, Alabama. He holds a degree in Philosophy from Auburn University, is a Research Fellow for the Molinari Institute, and a member of the Alliance of the Libertarian Left. He has organized the occasional Anarchist social convergence, speaks publicly on occasion, and has authored several articles on left-libertarianism, libertarian feminism, the history of individualist Anarchism, and philosophical issues in libertarian political theory. Two of my favorites are here and here. He is also the editor, together with Gary Chartier, of Markets Not Capitalism (forthcoming from Autonomedia), an anthology of writing on free market anti-capitalism and radical individualist responses to the problems of economic privilege and social justice.

Please welcome Charles to our blog!

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Author: Matt Zwolinski