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A Message from the Elderly

Several of us have sung the praises of Students for Liberty in this space and they are indeed an amazing group of young people who will one day lead this movement.  In recognition of that generational shift, Sarah Skwire, Aeon Skoble, Lynne Kiesling and I, along with the direction of Sarah’s husband Darren Waschow, created the following as our thank you to SFL for all they’ve done.


I will only add that if you enjoyed this, you should heed the words of Yoda: “there is another…”

  • Oh, old people trying to be funny. Love the vid. Us youngsters will keep fighting! Depending on which college I choose to go to, I plan on either joining or starting a chapter of SFL, next year.

  • Great video guys. 

    I’m at least 10 years older than all of you, but I must say, no matter how decrepit we become, young people don’t owe us a thing (though it’s nice if they help us exit gracefully).

    In fact, maybe we owe young people an apology for bringing them into the “demiurge:”

  • I believe the children are the future. 
    Teach them well and let them lead the way. 
    Show them all the beauty they possess in-siiiiide! 
    Maybe in the next video, we can watch Steve Horwitz sing “The Greatest Love of All” to us. 🙂

  • Steven Horwitz


  • JW Ogden

    From the title I thought it was going to be:  “Don’t touch me Social Security and Medicare!”  

    I think that was the message sent by Florida and Arizona republican primaries.   

  • eselpee


    Wow – I am only 60 and still a mere youth! I should hear by Monday if I have been accepted to pursue my newest career path!!  

    Does this mean I exceed the age limit for libertarianism?? Am I now being forced into the TEA PARTY? I could buy hair dye, get cosmetic surgery, and lie about my age…..

  • Tibor Machan

    How about 73?  Now that is getting up there!