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Symposium on Tomasi’s Free Market Fairness Next Week!

Just a reminder that we here at Bleeding Heart Libertarians are going to be running a symposium on John Tomasi’s new book, Free Market Fairness next week, June 11-15.

We’ve lined up some terrific participants: Elizabeth AndersonRichard ArnesonSamuel FreemanDeirdre McCloskey, and Will Wilkinson. Each day will feature a lead essay from one of these critics. The other critics and the regular BHL bloggers will have the opportunity to respond with posts of their own. And of course, we hope you readers will participate too, either in the comments thread here or at your own blogs. John Tomasi will post a response essay at the conclusion of the symposium.

You can buy a copy of John’s book here. Read a review in the Wall Street Journal here. And listen to a short interview with John about the book at National Review Online’s Between the Covers here.

See you next week!

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Author: Matt Zwolinski