Libertarianism and the Workplace Once More: Bertram, Gourevitch and Robin Throw Down the Gauntlet

Chris Bertram, Corey Robin and Alex Gourevitch have put together a detailed criticism of our recent pieces about libertarianism and the workplace, which they published just a few minutes ago. I’m sure people will want to reply. I for one will want to digest the piece for a few days. But I commend it to all of you.

Two quick points. First, this is just the sort of dialogue we had hoped BHL would promote. I for one am delighted. Second, at some point soon, the level of discussion will merit publication. (Hint, hint, editor readers)

  • Well, (some of) the posts and responses have certainly become long enough to warrant some “proper” journal articles. So, might I add, has the quality.

  • I have to reject these arguments, they are not really germaine to normal life. The rather exaggerated claim that in signing a work contract a person signs away all of their rights could also be made in ANY human interaction. Go to a restaurant? you sign away some of your rights, Get married? You certainly sign away a LOT of your rights. Being part of a social club, attending a University, having friends, all of these things are similar.

    The way that the workplace and individual rights interact nesessitates some give and take. There are governmental solutions and we all know how well those work right? But the best solution is competition and disclosure. Employers compete for the services of employees. Companies which treat their workforce like slaves will have problems with recruitment and with public relations.

    We do not live in a perfect world. In leaving these and other decisions to the marketplace we are not saying that we condone abuse, we are saying that the alternative, an all intrusive Government, has already proven to be a much worse alternative.

    • good_in_theory

      ” they are not really germaine to normal life.”

      Whose normal life? Yours? There are likely plenty of normal lives for which the arguments advanced are quite germane.

  • Aeon Skoble

    “this is just the sort of dialogue we had hoped BHL would promote” Not as far as I can tell.

  • good_in_theory
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