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The Most Complete and Rigorous Defense of Classical Liberalism Available Only $33

Jerry Gaus’s The Order of Public Reason, described by the Notre Dame Review of Books as “the most complete and rigorous defense of classical liberalism available,” has just come out in paperback. While the hardback was an exorbitant $88, the paperback is a mere $33. You can even buy it used from Amazon for $18.50. A small price to pay for 650 pages of philosophical awesomeness. If you want to learn more about the book before you buy it (or after!), you can read the entries from the reading group I put together on the book over at the Public Reason blog or listen to this podcast on the book where Jerry is interviewed, this interview with Gaus from Kosmosonline or read this Cato Unbound lead essay on themes from the book.

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Author: Kevin Vallier
  • Michael Wernecke

    Do you know if there’s going to be a Kindle book / other e-book?

    • Kevin Vallier

      Not clear yet. I’d go for the paperback, though, as the Kindle copy may not be cheaper. I have a PDF of the book that you can email me for, though it comes with a commitment to buy a copy of the book.

      • Michael Wernecke

        Yeah, got the PDF version from you like a year ago. Read the first half or so but then got distracted. At any rate, I do intend to finish reading it at some point, but it would be easiest if I could buy a .mobi file, or whatever it’s called, so I can read it on my Kindle. Barring that, I guess I’ll buy the paperback.