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Announcement: Symposium on Michael Huemer, The Problem of Political Authority

We are very excited to announce another book symposium. Starting August 12th we will be discussing Michael Huemer’s The Problem of Political Authority. As many of you will know, Huemer’s book includes a vigorous attack on arguments defending the authority and legitimacy of government, as well as a defense of political anarchism.

The symposium will consist of four critical responses to Huemer’s book, and a rejoinder by Huemer himself. Two of the responses will be written by our own Kevin Vallier and myself. The other two responses will be given by two guest-authors: Christopher Morris and Massimo Renzo.

For those of you who don’t already know them, Christopher Morris is professor of philosophy at the University of Maryland and chair of Department. He has written important works on the modern state and its alternatives, the coercive nature of government, and state legitimacy. (Recently he has also edited a collection of essays on the work of Amartya Sen and a textbook called Questions of Life and Death: Readings in Practical Ethics).

Massimo Renzo is an associate professor in philosophy at the University of Warwick. Massimo works primarily in political and legal philosophy and has defended both the legitimacy of states as well as various forms of political obligation in his work. His other interests are in international morality and criminal law.

We hope you will enjoy what should be a stimulating exchange!

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Author: Bas van der Vossen