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“New Voices” at BHL

Today, we’re launching a new feature at BHL called “New Voices.” The feature is designed to give promising younger writers, especially students, an opportunity to express their ideas on the blog. So if you think you’ve got something to say that would be of interest to the BHL audience, get in touch!

Our first essay is by Jason Lee Byas, a student in philosophy at the University of Oklahoma, campus coordinator for Students for Liberty, and a contributing writer to the Center for a Stateless Society. Jason is currently a participant in the virtual reading group I’m running on Robert Nozick’s Anarchy, State, and Utopia. A few weeks ago, when Amia Srinivasan’s piece on Nozick appeared in the NY Times, I decided to run a contest for members of the group to see who could write the best response. Jason’s essay was the winner.

I hope you enjoy Jason’s piece as much as I did. And be on the look out for more “New Voices” next week, when we’ll be publishing an essay on Hayek and Critical Race Theory by James Padilioni Jr!

  • adrianratnapala

    Hah! Jason’s piece is excellent. I apologise that in the comments I mistook him for an “old voice” of this blog. The error has been corrected.

  • Les Kyle Nearhood

    Echoing what Adrian just said, I liked the article a lot and thank you for allowing new people to contribute.