He’s an actor. A podcaster. A blogger (twice over!). And in his spare time, he heads up the program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Duke University.

He’s Mike Munger.

And now he’s blogging at BHL.

So, we pretty much win the Internet today.

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  • Matthew Glenn Hunter

    Welcome Mike! It’s nice to have a fellow Dukie in the BHL mix.

  • jdkolassa

    Fantastic! Any chance he might be able to blog about his piece for Basic Income studies? I’d love a summary essay since I can’t really afford the $600 million or so for the issue.

  • Les Kyle Nearhood

    Luv ya Mike, I especially like your facebook posts on your Home brewing addiction.

    • Sean II

      Every time I taste home brew, I come away with a deeper appreciation for the concept of comparative advantage.

      • jdkolassa

        Ouch. :)

  • Eccdogg

    You left NC gubernatorial candidate off your list. He got my vote.

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