Study Rothbard and the Libertarian Left with SFL

Want to read more Rothbard?

Want to study the history and state-of-the-art in left libertarian thought?

Want to do it in the company of some amazing fellow students, and some outstanding discussion leaders?

Then you’ll want to apply for one of Students for Liberty’s Fall 2014 Virtual Reading Groups.

You’ve got two options. The first group is focused on left-libertarianism, and will be using Charles Johnson and Gary Chartier’s excellent primer, Markets Not Capitalismas its text. And the discussion leader is: none other than Charles Johnson himself!

Your other option is “Beyond Orthodoxy: Understanding Rothbard,” which will focus primarily on The Ethics of Liberty. And the discussion leaders? Are you sitting down? Roderick Long and Kevin Vallier!

I mean, seriously. I’ve read both of these books before. But I’m halfway tempted to tell the family that they’re going to have to have dinner without me twice a month and audit these classes. Even if you’re familiar with these texts, you’re going to learn a lot about them by studying them with Charles, Roderick, and Kevin.

I can’t imagine that spaces are going to remain open long for these. So get your act in gear, and apply today!

  • Dshapiro

    Can you audit these groups?

  • Craig J. Bolton

    Why is anyone interested in the “Libertarian Left” assigning readings in Rothbard? Rothbard was a power obsessed individual who came from a Rightest background and who affiliated with Leftists only about 30% of the time. In his last period he was affiliated with racists and Rightwing agrarians.