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Left-Libertarians on Marriage Equality

In the spirit of Kevin V.’s post, here’s a sampling of left-libertarian opinion on the Obergefell ruling:

Cory Massimino: Marriage Equality: Don’t Let the Good Become the Enemy of the Perfect

Sheldon Richman: The Libertarian Case for Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

Joe Szymanski: The Goal is Free Love

Thomas L. Knapp: Life After Obergefell: Survival Tips for the Dismayed

As a bonus, here’s a related left-libertarian piece from a few months earlier:

James C. Wilson : Same-Sex Marriage is Not Enough: Separate Marriage and State

And finally, a piece of mine from a few years back on the “definitional” question: Victory Through Lexicography?

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  • Sean II

    Gotta love C4SS. In the prison yard of statism, they’re that grizzled lifer who never lets you forgot how screwed you really are.

    New Guy: “Hey, great news. D’ya hear the warden’s giving recognition to same sex partners for conjugals.”

    Old Con: “Ha! Enjoying those crumbs the feed you, punk? Feeling grateful in a moment like this is exactly what keeps you a slave.”

  • King Goat

    The reaction from right-libertarians is of course going to be dominated by that excellent philosophical principle of “hmm, liberal hippies seem quite excited about this, so I guess I should oppose it!”

    • Artifex

      Actually Mr Goat it’s a bit more nuanced, Something like this.

      Imagine you have been presented with a proof that the square root of two is irrational based on the fact that all odd numbers are prime. You would get the same sort of response

      Conservative: Damn it ! All measures are rational as created by the Gods. That’s just wrong !

      Left Libertarian: Look, how wonderful. The poor idiots have realized that the square root of two is irrational. Maybe they will be libertarians in a generation or two. Awesome !

      Progressive: Whaaaat is nummmber ? Soooo confusssing. Feeel bad. Rainbow flag so pretty !

      Right Libertarian: Yes, the square root of two is in fact irrational. The way that you arrived there is silly and you are fooling yourself to believe that you are doing mathematics any favors.

      • urstoff

        Someday I’ll figure out if the difference between left and right libertarianism is philosophical or empirical. Someday.

    • Sean II

      To be fair, that’s not a bad heuristic. Hippies are usually wrong, and nearly always silly*. To think “how do I get on the other side of these guys?” is a reasonable starting point in many of life’s questions – economics, health and medicine, education, art (excepting some small fraction of music), fashion, how to age gracefully, etc.

      * That’s why Portlandia is consistently amusing and rarely funny. The targets are easy enough so the show doesn’t miss much, but the hunt seems less than sporting as a whole.

  • RaleighDevil

    The first link demonstrates why I could never be a progressive or a leftist. Nowhere in his commentary does he address the issue of whether the ruling comports with the Constitution. He must be a big fan of Nancy Pelosi. Then again, he could be an ignorant commentator. Probably both.

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