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“Virtue Libertarianism?”

Over at Reason, I am part of a symposium on what Will Ruger and Jason Sorens are calling “virtue libertarianism,” which they contrast with what they call “libertine libertarianism.” Their opening essay has responses from me, Deirdre McCloskey, and Katherine Mangu-Ward. This is probably of interest to BHL readers, but whatever you do, you must follow one of the most important rules of the Internet: do NOT read the comments at Reason

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Author: Steve Horwitz
  • I could not find the comments about which you warned us.

  • Michael Metcalf

    Why in the heck did someone not tell me that years ago? (about the comments at Reason I mean).

    • Reasonable Extremist

      Haha why is that? I’ve never read them. What makes them especially bad?

      • Theresa Klein

        Lately there has been an invasion of trump supporting Republican troglodytes masquerading as libertarians, or libertarian Republicans or something.
        It baffles me how someone can oppose immigration, hate Black Lives Matter, oppose NAFTA and TPP, and support wars in the middle east and still pretend to be even slightly libertarian.

        • Sergio Méndez

          Are you sure it is an invasion…couldn´t it be that libertarianism has been infected of right wing troglodytes and conspiracy theories nuts, racists, etc etc, since its alliance with the right from the Cold War erea?

      • Michael Metcalf

        Reason comment threads tend to be full of neocons masquerading as libertarians, this was actually true before the Trump invasion Theresa speaks of, however for me it was not just the neocons it was the incredibly poor quality of the logic and rhetoric of the commenters (even the ones who weren’t closet neocons).
        Frankly I think most of the actual articles at Reason give libertarians a bad name, BHL and FEE are both much better introductions to libertarianism and liberty-inspired ethics in general than Reason, but reading Reason comments threads makes me weep for humanity.

        • Reasonable Extremist

          That’s too bad. I disagree with you on the articles though. I think Reason has a very talented staff. Their reporting on civil liberties issues stands out in particular for me. Jacob Sullum is a one man army against the drug war and really opened my eyes.

  • zacharywoodman

    Or the comments on the page of any other major media or popular print publication in general.

  • LLC

    It might; be helpful if you explain this ethic about not reading comments. I confess, I’m baffled.

  • Rob Gressis

    It’s probably overly judgmental of me to suggest this, but Reason should close its comments.

  • j_m_h

    Just scanned the Reason intro and on one level cannot help but think the issue of that of what rights — property and other — that are assumed which the nightwatchman will then protect for all. After that isn’t it just Coase?

  • Irfan Khawaja

    We’re just finishing up an 11-part/four month discussion on exactly the same topic at my group blog, Policy of Truth, care of David Potts (City College of San Francisco)–probably one of the most thorough discussions of the topic out there. Feel free to break the rules of the Internet and read the comments. Frankly, some of the comments are better than what passes as a post on some blogs.

  • Theresa Klein

    I don’t think the comments at Reason are that bad. As with any popular site there’s a fair amount of one-liners, but those are short and easy to ignore. There are a couple dozen really good regulars there who usually have some incisive commentary if you can skip past the junk.

  • Sergio Méndez

    “do NOT read the comments at Reason” Yeah. that is a rule for life.