• Sean II

    Hey, look on the bright side: from all indications here at 1:20am Eastern, the LP tripled its popular vote share from 2012.

    Oh, you heard me right. From 1% to 3%. Tah-rip-uhld!

    In light of this glorious victory, I think it’s time to update the list of “Most Probable Ways Libertopia Might Actually Happen, Ever”:

    1. Seasteading
    2. Global Pandemic kills everyone outside of Cato & Grafton County New Hampshire
    3. Neo-Gramscian march to infiltrate DEA, turn it into sleeper cell for minarchist ideas.
    4. Capture Democratic Party by transgendering so they lose will to criticize our tax cuts.
    5. Stage third party presidential campaign at moment when the big 2 are at their worst. (formerly ranked #6)
    6. Just, you know, winning people over with the power of our vision for a better world. (formerly ranked #5)

    Yeah, boy. Like the man said: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they ignore you, then they laugh at you kind of like they forget you were there the first time, then they ignore you, then a bit more laughter, then they fight you, and then they win.” Inspiring.

  • Krinein_ev

    You just elected Trump president. I hope it gives you some degree of satisfaction when the American government begins the mass deportation of Muslims, Latinos, and other enemies of the state.

    • Hollis Butts

      If Trump had been elected Grand Dictator instead of President, you might have a point. Campaign promises have a way of wilting when slapped in the face by reality.

      • Sean II

        Yes, but don’t spoil the fun.

        Watching these histrionic idiots convince themselves and each other against all context that they’re living in the last days of Weimar…hell, that’s the upshot to what happened last night.

      • Krinein_ev

        Presidents have broad discretion over law enforcement priorities. If Trump wants to deport people, he will deport people. ( see also Jackson, Andrew).

    • King Goat

      You’re assuming that Johnson’s voters would have otherwise voted Clinton. There’s been a bit written here about how that is likely incorrect.

      • Krinein_ev

        Who did you vote for? If you voted for Johnson, then you voted for state violence against brown people by helping to elect Trump.

    • Sun Tzu

      One can only hope.