Chris Freiman’s Unequivocal Justice

Christopher Freiman  has just published a fabulous book, Unequivocal Justice, the first book in Routledge Press's new "Political Philosophy for the Real World" series. It is a tour de force of philosophical excellence. It may well be the best book of political philosophy published in 2017. I … Continue reading

The Problem of Pluralism Isn’t Real

  I recently read Linda Zerilli's  A Democratic Theory of Judgment. The book explores and sort of gestures at a solution to what we might call the Problem of Pluralism. Here's the problem, in the abstract, in my own words.   Many political theorists believe that democratic … Continue reading

Psychological Harm and Free Speech on Campus

Psychological Harm and Free Speech on Campus The short piece I wrote about free speech on college campuses is now available to read online (but not downloadable) here.   I like this piece alot, but I know many will disagree with various parts.  Even blogmates will find things to disagree with. … Continue reading