RPF Reply 2B: Pluralism and markets

Matt wrote: Libertarian arguments in favor of a free markets can be, in Jacob’s terminology, either rationalist or pluralist. Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand, Robert Nozick, and Herbert Spencer are all probably best thought of as offering rationalist defenses. On their view, free markets are … Continue reading

Symposium table of contents

The symposium "category" only lists a few posts at a time in reverse order, so here's a table of contents so far, in order. Matt Zwolinski, Introduction Will Baude, "Rationalism, Pluralism, and Federalism" Russell Arben Fox, "Assessing the freedom of, and the freedom from, cities Annelien de … Continue reading

Levy for Lawyers

Levy for Dummies Lawyers This online symposium on Jacob T. Levy’s wonderful new book, Rationalism, Pluralism, and Freedom, has already featured contributions from writers more expert in the history and theory that is the subject of Levy’s book. I write, as it were, on behalf of an admittedly … Continue reading

RPF Reply 2A: Pluralism and firms

One of the most frequent comments I have received on Rationalism Pluralism, and Freedom is a dissatisfaction with my exclusion of the world of commerce. It seems to me that there are problems in normative political economy that very closely parallel many of the problems I do discuss, including the … Continue reading

Pluralist Contractarianism

Rationalism, Pluralism, and Freedom taught me a great deal of history and history of political theory. It also contains the compelling, historically and philosophically valid, distinction between two types of liberal political theorizing – rationalist and pluralist liberalisms. One of the most … Continue reading