Symposium on Huemer's Problem of Political Authority, Libertarianism

The Problem of Political Authority – The Symposium Begins

As Bas mentioned a few weeks ago, today begins our symposium on Michael Huemer’s new book The Problem of Political Authority. The book has two aims: refute the main philosophical arguments for the political authority and legitimacy of government, and construct a defense of political anarchism.

The symposium will consist of four critical responses to Huemer’s book, and a rejoinder by Huemer himself. I start today. Bas, Chris Morris and Massimo Renzo will follow up on Wednesday, Friday and Monday. Mike’s reply should follow soon thereafter.

This post will link to all of our contributions as they go up, so I’ll edit it over the next two weeks.

I’m very much looking forward to our discussion. We will disagree on a lot of matters, ones that I consider both philosophically deep and interesting.

If you don’t have time to read the book, you can check out Huemer’s lead essay on Cato Unbound here.

August 12th: Kevin Vallier, On the Problematic Political Authority of Property Rights: How Huemer Proves Too Much

August 14th: Christopher Morris, Michael Huemer on the State’s Political Authority

August 16th: Bas van der Vossen, On the Method of Huemer’s The Problem of Political Authority

August 19th: Massimo Renzo, Natural Duties and Political Authority

August 21st: Christopher Morris, Michael Huemer’s Defense of Anarchy

August 23rd: Bas van der Vossen, On Legitimacy